Do You Need More Than One Guitar?

I found your site, quite by accident, and am glad to have found it.  Very informative and helpful.  Thought I would throw out another tip on the Nashville tuning.  After many years of playing by myself and with others I became increasingly tired of re-tuning my main guitar constantly to play different songs.  I use the Nashville tuning a lot with the groups I have been in so instead of trying to re-tune and buy massive amounts of single strings I broke down, went to the local pawn shop, and purchased two inexpensive but workable 6-strings.  When I replaced the strings, I went ahead and bought a full 12 sting set and put the lower set on one guitar, which I use for my alternate tuning and the high set I put on the other one as my Nashville tuned guitar.  Yes I know now I have to carry three guitars with me to a gig or to rehearsal but just the lack of frustration at not having to retune one guitar over and over has saved my sanity and surprisingly I found two old Alvarezes that together were less than 125.00 not to mention that my favorite guitar stays tuned to normal tuning all the time. so it worked out well. 
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Yes, this is a good idea if you can afford it.  If you are just adjusting regular tuning to Drop D or something, it's kind of cool to do it in front of the audience but no one wants to wait for you to tweak for a long time for multiple strings.

Have you ever noticed when you go to a concert someone runs out and hands maybe the lead guy a different guitar for different songs?  That's usually the reason except for changing from style like from acoustic to electric.  If he's going from acoustic to acoustic, it's probably for an instant tuning change.

It also saves on changing strings all the time.  I have one guitar (my clunker) there for practice with old strings, and several other guitars all different for different uses.  One is converted to a Baritone, one is tuned up to pitch to give lessons on, one is maybe tuned to a the weird tuning of the newest song I'll be performing next week, etc.  Why wear out new strings for practice?  Save them for the performance.

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