New Rusty Guitar Strings

When you buy a new guitar string or a new set of guitar strings, like most things you expect them to look new and pristine.  Sometimes however this doesn't happen when you buy guitar strings.  Ideally when a manufacturer makes and packages new strings they should be untouched by human hands and packaged in an air tight package.  Ideally the store or distributer should have a short shelf life.  This doesn't always happen.  In this case to the right it looks like a fingerprint was left on the string and it sat on the shelf waiting for a while.  If you buy strings in bulk and store them yourself for a long time this can also happen.  In that case you can't really return them.  If you buy new strings like this return them and consider a new maufacturer and distributer. New Rusty Guitar Strings
This is what they look like when installed on a guitar.  I've tried to clean it off.  Doesn't work. Rusty Installed Guitar String
There is hope though.  If you run into this problem I advise buying coated strings.  This is a set of Lifespans installed years ago, many hours of playing, and many years of storage and no rust.

There's a little more info on this subject on my Tip 201.

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Coated Strings


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