Light Guitar Strings vs. Heavier Medium Guitar Strings

I've been playing about 6-7 months, and just switched over to light strings as an experiment. I was using heavier strings. I was wondering if my perceptions are right.
Light strings = less volume, duller tone, easier to press down, more buzzing when trying to get more volume.
Heavier gauge = more volume, clearer tone, harder to play, less buzzing.
Does this seem right to you? What types of strings do you prefer?

It sounds like you have it right. Also heavier strings wear longer than light strings. I like Martin medium gauge strings because I like to do a lot of alternative lower tunings and I strum hard sometimes. Light strings buzz too much for me. It depends a lot on how your guitar it set up and adjusted also. Other guitarists hate mediums and will only use light gauge. I guess you just have to decide for yourself.
NOTE: Be careful about using heavier strings on guitars with scalloped bracing. See my Tip 42 for further information on the subject.

Bob, Gman ( o )==#


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