Effectively Tune Your Guitar Higher Without Breaking Strings

There's this song I've been listening to for a long time called "Grand Canyon" and I finally decided I had to learn it.

A very different song. I could tell by listening to the chords on the recording, there was a G riff going on & I knew I had to combine 2 - 3 guitar parts together to get all the cool little leads that made the song recognizeable.  I tried to find the chords/tab on the internet and they all said to use weird chords like Eb & stuff. Couldn't figure it out.  I needed to play this G riff but couldn't play it while holding the Bass E string to G all the time.  I finally figured I needed to tune my Bass E string to G.  Hmmm...couldn't do that, it might break the string or hurt the neck or something.  Okay...I remembered my C# tuning - C# F# B E G# C# low to high, (Guitar Tip 1), then I put my capo on the 3rd fret, tuned the bass E string up to G (which was actually E with the capo off) and almost had it. Still couldn't figure out what to do with the A string.  It seemed no matter what I tuned it to, it didn't sound right.   I knew one other song that tuned two strings to the same note so I tried it here.   Yep, I tuned my A string down to G (with capo on).  Yeah, it's okay to tune 2 strings to the same note!  I tuned both E & A bass strings to G and I had it!
G G D G B E low to high tuning with the capo at the 3rd fret.  Sounded great.  I learned the song very easily then and the guitar didn't suffer.

If you can play 'Real Audio' you can listen to the riff  HERE.  In case you have perfect pitch or something, this clip is in F#.  I lowered the capo to the 2nd fret so we could sing it a little lower.

     Remember the old guitarist saying - and I'm OLD  : )
"For every musical problem, there's a mechanical solution!"

Bob, Gman ( o )==#

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